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Coming from a family with a long tradition in catering,  Mr Angelo Vella’s dream was always to establish his own business in this highly competitive industry. Way back in the year 1984, Mr Vella decided to established his business in Zabbar and he did so by acquiring a bakery which has been operating since the beginning of the century.
He started with the Traditional Maltese Bread and gradually acquired a very good reputation of baking the best quality bread in the south of the Island. Later on he continue to develop further the types of bread he had on offer to meet the changing needs of the maltese consumers. The most important concept he had in mind is that of constantly offering the very best freshly baked bread to his ever increasing client base.
Years started rolling and one by one his sons joined in to give Angelo a helping hand. From the outset his son Sandro intended to develop further the business originally set up by his father.  Eventually he took over the business and started preparing to branch out in the confectionery business. 
He started with fancy gateaux and other traditional Maltese pastries and then continued to expand his range of products on offer. The demand for St Catherine’s Bakery & Confectionery products increased steadily over the years and this meant that the workforce was constantly increasing and as a 
direct result of this expansion the business needed a larger place from where to operate. St Catherine Caterer took a strategic decision to invest in a modern state of the art facility on the Bakery and this move permitted the business to develop further and even branch out in outside catering.
The next step was to establish further the Business Brand and started marketing his products with established confectioneries. From a relatively slow start today St Catherine’s Caterers supplies more than 100 confectioneries all around Malta & Gozo. To date these are on a constant increase due to the increasing demand of the consumers for St Catherine’s products.
In order to be able to deliver the products in time and in the best standards, Mr Vella made a considerable investment in a fleet of 6 refrigerated vans. This permitted him to open other outlets in Cospicua, Senglea, and Sliema and thus he was able to further increase his sales turnover.
Presently Mr Vella is planning a major project that will permit him to develop further his outside catering business. This project will help the company to be more cost effective and deliver the best product possible. On completion of this project, the business will be more efficient and thus will be in a postion to invest heavily on product development and quality control. This will permit Mr Vella to reach his ultimate target that is to penetrate further in the outside catering and start making serious efforts to increase the market share in the Weddings/ Functions Industry.
Whilst keeping in mind that the humble beginning of St Catherine’s Caterers, the Management is determined to keep on developing further the business, inspired by their great respect for tradition. We at St.Catherine’s are fully committed to pleasantly surprise you by our superior quality.... every time!